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Queen Anne - 1525 Liberty Street

In this outstanding example of Queen Anne style at 1525 Liberty Street the roof extends over the structure as eaves, clearly distinguishing the roof from the walls. Triangular gable ends, pediments, under the pitched roof, are pushed out from the wall plane below. These pediments are entirely enclosed by cornices, decorative wooden trim beneath the roof. The rather wide eaves appear to be supported by large flat wood blocks called modillions, here highlighted in dark blue on salmon trim. Notice the flared surface on the tower, meant to further breakup the surface.

Square posts made by machines support the porch roof, while a triangular pediment decorated with wooden scrollwork in a contrasting color announces the entrance. Simply ornamented single-paned sash windows grace the main body of the house, but the small square attic windows are embellished with more decorative wooden trim.

Many Queen Annes, now more than a hundred years old, have been renovated in a way that simplifies wall surfaces. Multi-colored and textured exterior walls have often been replaced with standard flat surfaces or lapped siding in a single color.

The peaked tower, although not requisite to the Queen Anne style, is often a distinguishing characteristic.