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Queen Anne - 1428 Elk Street

This large rambling, gracious family home with many interesting shapes, planes and surface textures typifies the Queen Anne style. In addition to the rounded walls of the turret the house is also adorned with curved walls and curved windows in the dining room and a bedroom. Five original stained glass windows further lend beauty to this wonderful Queen Anne.

The tower is accentuated with a flare between the first and second floor and is topped with a rare onion dome.

The steeply pitched hip roof, traditional to the Queen Anne style, bears a pedimented gable end with pent roof over the section of wall to the right of the turret. As an architectural detail, it creates a visual division between floors but it also has a purpose. It sheds water away from the window below and shades the window from direct sun, like a modern awning.

Also traditional to Queen Anne style are the large exuberant porch and single pane sash windows.